Tile Inspiration from Around The World May 26, 2020

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Ceramic tile encompasses thousands of years of history and extends to nearly every culture in the world. Its beauty and durability can be seen in our greatest historical buildings and most treasured cities, with some of the civilization’s earliest tile constructions still standing today. But you don’t need to travel overseas to bring the worldly charm of tile into your home or business. Garden State Tile explores some of the Earth’s most admired cities and landscapes that’ll bring a little bit of wanderlust into your next tile project.

If you’re excited by the rocky landscape of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Check Out: The Ardosia Collection

Brazilian slate

If you’re motivated by the modern architecture of the Bauhaus German school of design

Check Out: The BauHaus Collection


If you’re moved by the resourcefulness of 16th-century Venetian artisans

Check Out: The Veneziano Collection


If you’re inspired by the ornamental architecture of Morocco

Check Out: The Marrakesh Collection


If you’re drawn to the urban scene of New York City

Check Out: The Debitage Collection

Concrete Look

If you’re soothed by the maritime colors of the Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen

Check Out: The Columbus Collection

Wood Look

If you’re refreshed by the coast of the Florida Keys

Check Out: The Point Break Collection