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Order Tile Samples for 2.99 Each

Need a tile sample? We’ve got you covered. To ensure that you select the perfect tile for your project, you can now purchase Garden State Tile Brand samples directly from our website and have them shipped out within 24 hours. For these Garden State Tile Brand samples, customers are welcome to choose up to 5 unique swatches for $2.99 each with free shipping to their home.

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Note: There is a limit of one sample per item, up to 5 items.

SAMPLE ORDER DISCLAIMER: Tile Sample sizes vary and may not reflect the actual size of the tile, but will represent color, finish, and texture. For questions or more information please visit our contact page:


Option 1: For Garden State Tile Brand Samples:

  1. Visit any Garden State Tile brand product page
  2. Click “Order a Sample”
  3. For Select samples: The Sample is Added To Your Cart
  4. Repeat For Up To 5 Samples
  5. Check-Out and Purchase Your Samples!

Option 2: For Additional Curated Samples:

  1. Visit any non-Garden State Tile brand product page
  2. Click “Request a Sample”
  3. Fill out the Sample Request Form
  4. A Garden State Tile representative will contact you to provide sample options, price quote, and confirmation.

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Benefits of Ordering Tile Samples 

It’s one thing to see tiles online, but it’s a completely different experience to view them in person, hold them in your hands, and assess how they would look in your space. Run your fingers over their surface to feel their texture, inspect their material, evaluate their size in the room you want them, and notice how their hue works in natural and artificial lighting at different times throughout the day. If you are looking for a blue tile or a tile with a certain stripe or mosaic pattern, we have an array of options for you. 

Tile samples can often be the catalyst for customers pulling the entire room together, especially if you can’t decide on complementary cabinetry, the paint color for the walls, or the type of flooring you want to install. Tile samples from Garden State Tile are budget-friendly and valuable parts of the planning stages for your project.

If you have questions, our Garden State Tile experts can help you choose the best tile samples, whether you’re interested in porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, glass tiles, or another option entirely. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers have the best shopping experience from start to finish.