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Tiles offer a blend of functionality, style, and easy installation.

Although often associated with kitchens or bathrooms, they also enhance the ambiance of bedrooms and living spaces. Delve deeper to understand the factors influencing tile pricing and the advantages of bulk purchasing.

Why Do Tile Prices Differ?

Tile ratings, the materials used, the manufacturing process, tile structure, and additives affect a tile’s price. Regarding tile ratings, certain types of tiles undergo a pendulum test, abrasion test, or ramp test. The final price depends on how the tiles are rated from 0-5. For example, porcelain and ceramic tiles are tested to measure how they handle scratches or wear. A rating of 5 means it’s more heavy-duty and more expensive than others.

Tiles made from natural stones, such as marble and terrazzo tiles, are usually more expensive because manufacturing them takes time. These tiles are also costly because the materials used are scarce. Man-made tiles, such as porcelain and ceramic, are more cost-effective than natural tiles. Ceramic is more affordable than porcelain because it’s easier to install. Porcelain takes time to install because it’s thicker and, therefore, has a higher price tag. 

Manufacturers may also include additives to improve the tiles during the manufacturing process. The additives may increase the durability of the tile, prolonging its service life. Tiles with special additives are more expensive than those without additives because they’re less likely to break or chip.

Why Purchase Wholesale Tile?

One of the biggest advantages of buying tiles in bulk is the cost. You get a discount by purchasing a large number of tiles. The more tiles purchased, the higher the discount. How much you can save depends on the manufacturer. Buying tiles in bulk is advantageous for homeowners with large renovation projects or if you work in the construction or interior design industry. Buying them in bulk doesn’t mean compromising the quality; you’re still purchasing the same tile but at a reduced price. 

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