Case Study: Gainesville Investment Firm December 3, 2019

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In Gainesville, Florida Level Architecture & Interiors was tasked with designing a progressive interior layout for a core and shell building that was soon to be home to a local investment firm. The goal of the project was to create a professional office space that served the day-to-day needs of the team, while also allowing enough space for large quarterly functions that would be hosted in the building.

The aesthetic of the interior features a mix of traditional design elements and the more edgy aspects of the building’s architecture and downtown location. Functionally, the design encourages collaboration while also being representative of the team’s culture. Garden State Tile supplied the wall tile for the kitchen / common space area that added a modern feel, while still lending a nod to the more detailed textures seen in traditional design.


On the backsplash of the wet bar the Caress Series from the Garden State Tile Wall Tile Collection was selected in Chalk White Field Tile and Mixed Decos. The high-gloss finish, hand-made look and subtle textures of the decos puts a fun twist on traditional subway tiles – the perfect addition to a space meant for socializing and collaborating. 

Design Team: Erin Lee, Nancey Jones, and Jessica Vander Biezen – Level Architecture and Interiors

Contractor: Theory Construction

Installer: Vann Carpet One

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