Powder Rooms: The Jewelry Box of the Home November 17, 2020

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A Room of History

Ever wonder where the phrase, “I need to powder my nose,” came from?  Well believe it or not, the saying dates back all the way to eighteenth century Europe – and actually has nothing to do with your nose! As we see jewelry or our finest clothing today, wigs were an important symbol of class in the Victorian era.  To keep a hair wig looking fresh and elegant, one would visit the sophisticated and well decorated powder room to discretely powder their wig. 

A lot has changed since the beginning of the powder room. Most importantly, the plumbing system was created, which changed the main use for the powder room; now, most commonly known as the half bathroom.  However, the concept of this tiny room being a place for style and personality has stood the test of time!  The same way jewelry accentuates an outfit, a powder room can enhance your interior designs.  It’s a place to experiment with pattern, color, and texture – and bring some uniqueness into the home!  

In need of some Inspiration? Garden State Tile has highlighted some of our favorite ways to give your small space some big personality with tile and stone.  


Credit: MLW Artista Miro Collection from Garden State Tile.

Choosing unique and bold patterned tile is sure to draw a ton of attention to your tiny space!  Patterns bring a unique feeling to every room, drawing focus to whatever surface you want to accent.  The MLW Artista Miro Collection lends an old world charm with a modern twist for standout floors, walls, and backsplashes.

Revving Up the Color

Credit: Glazed Porcelain Mosaics by Garden State Tile. Design by Saiman Designs. Photography by Linda McManus Photography

Rumor has it that bright-colored cars are more likely to be pulled over by law enforcement than, let’s say, a black car. The urban legend, although not statistically factual, has been told for generations due to the attraction these brightly colored cars bring to them. Draw that same attraction into your powder room! Stray from the typical neutral color scheme by adding a pop of bold color for head turning designs.

Canvas for Metallic Finishes

Credit: Cement Tile from Garden State Tile Project by Stono Construction. Photography by Patrick Brickman from Charleston Home & Design Magazine.

Nothing says sophistication quite like metallic finishes. Just like the jewelry we wear, these high-shine finishes capture the eye in a fun and elegant way. Make your metallics pop with a matte, neutral cement tile that still brings in those fun and funky patterns! 

Accent Walls With Attitude

Credit: Kaleidoscope Collection by Oceanside Glass Tile from Garden State Tile. Design by Saiman Designs. Photography by Linda McManus Photography

If your walls could talk, give them something to talk about! Bold colors and patterns will have you feeling edgy and inspired. Choose a bright color, a brave pattern, or a unique material to add some spunk to your small space.

Mix and Match Motifs

Credit: Roma Collection, Calacatta 8”x8” Matte from Garden State Tile. Design by Barbara Gisel Design. 

Another exotic approach to the interior design of your powder room can be to mix and match motifs! Having two patterns in one room, such as a floral printed wallpaper paired with a marble-look porcelain, is a fun way to bring out the grandness of your tiny room. 

The powder room may be one of the tiniest rooms in your home, but it has the most potential to become your largest masterpiece! Let your personality shine, and create a larger-than-life space for you and your guests. A little goes a long way!