“More is More” – The Maximalism Revival June 20, 2019

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Over the last few years minimalism has consumed the design world with its neutral hues, straight lines and overall simplicity. While this picture perfect design genre is certainly captivating, it’s not always reflective of the adventure, passion and personal style that make up our lives. Enter maximalism. This “more is more” mentality draws upon all the colors, shapes, textures and objects that embody everything that makes you, well, you. While there are no hard-set rules for maximalism, below is some inspiration for incorporating this trendy philosophy into your home and designs.

District Cobble Hill Aegean
Cobble Hill Series by District


While whites and greys have taken over the minimalism scene, vivid brights and stark darks draw the eye and tell the story of maximalist design. A glazed lava-stone wall tile in Black, Adriatic Blue or Aegean Green brings active character to spaces through a unique material that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Slash Yellow Wall Tile
Slash Dots Deco by Garden State Tile Wall Tile


Simply put, textured elements elevate the experience of a design and make the room pop. Energizing dot decos add depth to traditional shaped subway tiles while mixed matte / glossy / fabric hexagon floor tiles deliver visual weight from the ground up. Since maximalism relies heavily on the curation of various objects and colors, including different textures ensures that nothing gets lost in the mix.

Belgica Stone and Oak Porcelain
Belgica Porcelain Tile by Garden State Tile Porcelain Collection

Mixed Materials

Can’t decide between stone or oak finishes? You don’t have to. Not only is mixing materials and finishes incredibly chic, it’s also a cornerstone of maximalist design. Although we’re seeing a revival in the trend, artisans have been mixing materials as far back as the 15th century where chips of marble were added to clay to create Terrazzo flooring. That same design is still being celebrated today in new, technologically advanced porcelain formats.

Illusion tile backsplash
Illusion by MLW

Shapes & Patterns

Say goodbye to straight lines and clean corners. Maximalism is all about exuding character and going for the bold! A fan shaped enameled glass backsplash, a retro wall tile with fun angles and a unique art glass blend for a wet bar are just a few of the ways you can use your favorite shapes and patterns to show-off your creative personality.

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