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Although infrequent, material shipped by third-party carriers does not always reach the destination in the same condition as it left a Garden State Tile facility. Please follow the below guidelines for receiving your material. In the unfortunate event that a shipment is lost or damaged in transit, we can provide you with a swift resolution, after all documentation is received.


It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the shipment when it is delivered. Do not sign for the delivery or let the driver leave until you have inspected it for visible damage or missing pallets.  Please be sure to confirm the number of pallets on the BOL is what is being delivered.

Before the truck leaves:

  1. Make sure the pallet(s) and wrap are intact
  2. Visually inspect the pallet(s) and outer wrap for any damage
  3. Take Photos of the pallet(s) upon their arrival, before unwrapping.
  4. Sign the BOL with “STI, subject to inspection, possible damage inside.”If there is visible damage, make notes on BOL indicating the exact damage and noting each identified issue, and ask the driver to also confirm it on the BOL before they leave. (ex. Damaged pallet with material in 3 boxes broken.)

After the truck leaves, and within 24 hours of receipt:

  1. Inspect each individual box for accuracy and concealed damages.
  2. Take several photos of any concealed damages.


While each carrier has specific guidelines and procedures for filing freight claims, please also follow the below Garden State Tile guidelines:

  • Any and all damages, or missing product, must be reported to Garden State Tile within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Please take photos of the entire shipment, and all damages.
  • Save your damaged freight and pallet. The freight carrier might need to salvage the material.
  • If speaking to the local trucking terminal or freight carrier directly, be sure to get the full name of the person you speak with.
  • Email your GST contact, within 24 hours of receiving your shipment: Your claim must include a copy of your Order #, BOL, all photos, and a description of any damages or shortages.

Please note that Garden State Tile is not responsible for filing any freight claims on customer pick-up shipments.

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