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Garden State Tile Wall, NJ Design Center

By A Customer, Monday, March 14, 2016

Thank you for being so helpful last Friday when I came into your store.

I’ve been telling others about the one-on-one service we received from you which made the visit less stressful and easier to select a tile. Thank you very much. Have a nice weekend…

Garden State Tile Bethlehem, PA, Dover, NJ, & Warminster, PA

By A Customer,

I would just like to say that we have been doing a lot of business together lately and you all are great to work with. You make the process very smooth.

Garden State Tile Lancaster, PA

By A Customer,

I just wanted to commend one of your Design Consultants in the Lancaster office for her professionalism. She answered every question with clarity and patience and should be commended. She is a gem and an asset to your company!

Garden State Tile Wall Township, NJ, Design Center

By A Customer,

A few months ago we purchased tiles from you for a backsplash in our renovated kitchen. We had promised to send you pictures of the completed project but we forgot until now. So here they are.

adex-circle-decos2-300x225 Garden State Tile Wall Township, NJ, Design Center

adex-circle-decos2-300x225 Garden State Tile Wall Township, NJ, Design Center

We love the look of these unusual tiles! They really an interesting detail to the overall look of the kitchen. Although they were expensive we definitely think that they were worth every penny. Thanks for making this possible. Tile used is ADEX WHITE GEO DECO 6X6.

Knocked it out of the Park!

By David S. Wrigley, CSI, CCS, Spillman Farmer Architects, Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi Steven and Robert,

I just want to e-mail you both and let you both know how much I appreciate Diane McGinness.

At our CSI Product Expo yesterday, we had scheduled a seminar entitled “The Great Slip Resistance Debate”, which featured representatives from 3 separate floor industries….polished concrete, tile, and resinous flooring. We also flew in from Texas, the Founder and CEO (?) of the National Flooring Safety Institute, Russel Kendzior. We had a renowned moderator in Dave Stutzman.

To make a long story short, literally at the last minute, (30 minutes before the actual presentation) our tile person (settings and grout materials) backed out. So, I went to find someone, who I know is a knowledgeable Tile Rep, to maybe sit in on the panel. Just then, Diane McGinness walked in the door to man her booth at the Show. I’ve known Diane for over 20 years, and knew how knowledgeable she is, and couldn’t believe my luck in finding her at that moment.

Anyway, I went up to Diane and asked her if she would consider being on the panel. After telling her who was on the panel and what it was about, she didn’t hesitate, and said “Absolutely, I’d love to do it.”

Diane was FANTASTIC….she was not intimidated, intelligent, knowledgeable, spoke her mind, gave us her expertise, and absolutely represented herself, Garden State Tile, and the tile industry extremely well.

In keeping with the baseball theme from yesterday’s EXPO Show, she knocked it out of the park!!

I’ve already sent Diane an e-mail message thanking her for stepping in and doing that for us, especially at the spur-of-the-moment.

And now, I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate Diane McGinness and what she did for us. You have one terrific person there, and I wanted you to hear that from me. There were also several other people who mentioned to me what a great job she did…and they didn’t even know she literally stepped in off the street, took her coat off, and joined the discussion!! She is an outstanding rep, and our Interior designer, Henry Delvecchio, swears by her, and her honesty, diligence, attention to detail, and always likes to use Garden State Tile for just that reason.

I know I already have, but please reiterate to her how much our Chapter appreciated what she did for us, and for our attendees.

Thank you,

David S. Wrigley, CSI, CCS
Director of Specifications

Spillman Farmer Architects