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The Valmalenco is a wide Alpine valley in Sondrio province, close to the border with Switzerland. It has been recognized and studied as a site of mineral deposits and stones including the most famous one -- Serpentine stone, which is much appreciated in the field of ornamental rocks because of its highly unusual streaks.  These streaks are a special feature of this through-body colored porcelain tile. With a well-defined identity, they run lengthwise and blend perfectly with the base color of the tile. The Valmalenco collection is made in 7 colors:  Bianco, Nero, Grigio, Cenere, Crema, Malto and Moka.  The colors have been researched with great care to coordinate with today's interior design trends.  Production sizes are 24" x 24" and 12" x 24", in natural, rectified natural, and lappato finishes.  Valmalenco has a smooth-to-the-touch surface vaguely reminiscent of stone slabs cut with a saw. Also available is a 12" x 24" textured surface reminiscent of  “chiseled” weaving, which is ideal for outdoor spaces and rustic interiors. This product line is Non-stock, Special order.  

Sizes & Trim

6" x 24"

12" x 12"

12" x 24"

12" x 24" ROC (outdoor use)

24" x 24"

18" x 36"^


3" x 12" battiscopa

3" x 24" battiscopa

stair tread

^Only available in these colors: Bianco, Cenere, Grigio, Nero


  • Thickness: 9 mm - 10.5 mm
  • Shade Variation: V3
  • Water Absorption: <0.06%
  • Breaking Strength: > 400 lbf
  • DCOF: 0.67 natural & matte / 0.48 lappato / 0.68 roc
  • MOH: 8
  • Suggested Grout Joint: See TCNA article ANSI A108.02 Section 4.3.8
  • Available Finishes: Natural, Natural Rectified, & Lappato Rectified
  • Type: Porcelain


ResidentialLT CommercialCommercial
Pool Tile

Care & Maintenance

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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a system for certifying company and energy sustainability of buildings, and is applied in over 140 countries in the world. It was devised in 1993 by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its basic aim is to promote and develop a global approach to environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings, from the design phase right down to their daily management. This method of certification provides for assigning points to the building, worked out on the basis of its verified compliance with various Leed requirements and credits
Alfalux porcelain stoneware and Ecogres are Leed-compliant materials: that is, they meet the requirements defined by the USGBC for materials and resources in terms of percentage of recycled material, insulating effects, low polluting emissions and innovative and design properties. This means that the use of Alfalux materials for floors or wall tiling allows points to be assigned, that will contribute to giving LEED certification.

Content of Recycled Material (Credit MR 4.1): 2 LEED POINTS
Over 25% of the material comprising our products contains recycled raw and fired materials (pre-consumer waste).
Optimization of Energy Performance (Credit EA 1): Alfalux products contribute to accumulating credits from 1 to 10 LEED POINTS
Ceramic tiles, being low thermal conductivity materials and subject to very low thermal excursions, have insulating properties and contribute to saving energy. Our products are particularly recommended for tiling facades, both ventilated and otherwise, and for underfloor heating systems.
VOC – Volatile organic compounds – content (Credit EQ 4.3): 1 LEED POINT
Ceramic tiles, because of their conformation, have very low emissions of volatile organic substances and therefore comply with credit category EQ 4.3 for indoor environmental quality.


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