Travertino Navona Matte (5.6mm only)^

Laminam I Naturali

Product Information:

Laminam by Crossville is inspired by the idea of developing the largest and thinnest Porcelain slab ever seen that would increase opportunities for using Porcelain tile in more applications.   It is now possible to use Porcelain tile on large surfaces that were previously thought unthinkable!   Laminam by Crossville is a mere 3 or 5.6 mm thick but is truly versatile, flexible and is an aesthetic solution with exceptional technical performance.

Laminam's revolutionary thin porcelain technology is versatile and flexible.  Structurally stable massive slabs, with zero tension, unlock the creative possibilities of what porcelain can do.   This high quality surface is suitable for almost all solid vertical applications, including tiling walls in cruise liners and pleasure boats.  Laminam is a completely new skin for dressing large areas that will transform a space into an unforgettable experience.

Laminam slabs are reinforced with fiberglass mesh applied on the back using a special adhesive.

Laminam 3mm thickness is for wall applications and is NOT to be installed on floors. However, the 5.6mm thickness can be used on dry interior floors, countertops or furniture. For more information, click on the link to view Laminam's technical guides and videos


Sizes & Trim

1mm x 3mm (actual 118.1" x 39.4" x 3mm)

1mm x 3mm (actual 118.1" x 39.4" x 5.6mm)

*3mm available, special order.

^Special Order.

Laminam Technical Guides & Videos


  • Thickness: 3mm 7 5.6mm
  • Water Absorption: < 0.3%
  • MOH: 5 - 6
  • Suggested Grout Joint: See TCNA article ANSI A108.02 Section 4.3.8
  • Available Finishes: Satin & Polished
  • Type: Porcelain


Residential LT Commercial Commercial
Pool Tile

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance downloadable PDF


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Ceiling Installation

Laminam is associated with the Green Building Council. These slabs are created with natural materials such as quarry clays, granite rocks and Porcelain pigments, do not release any substance into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other production cycles. Laminam by Crossville slabs are produced adopting sustainable technology that respects the entire eco-system and is designed to reduce processing waste to a minimum and limit the use of resources. The use of hybrid kilns that combine gas and electricity significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Thanks to the lightness of the 3 mm thickness, Laminam by Crossville is easy to transport, thus reducing the emission of particulate matter which is harmful for the environment. Laminam by Crossville’s planar, flexible and thin surface can be used to cover walls or to renovate buildings without demolishing the existing surfaces.

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