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The perennial look of wood and trending 3D design come together in this attainable wall tile.  Full of warmth and texture, On The Ledge Woods porcelain wall tile delivers creativity and aesthetic style. Woods 3D Ledger panels incorporate the look of interlocked thin wood boards in one cohesive panel.  Woods is made in four popular wood tones that range in shades from light to dark for a natural, variegated look. On The Ledge Woods is perfect for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls because it is made of durable, user-friendly porcelain stoneware.  Woods is also great for fireplace surrounds, accent walls, and exterior vertical surfaces. These Ledger panels are much easier to install than traditional ledgers because they are made in 6” x 24” panels and no super puzzle-solving skills are required!

Sizes & Trim

6" x 24"


In and out corners*

*Non-stock, special order.


  • Thickness: 7mm - 11mm
  • Shade Variation: V4
  • Water Absorption: 0.1%
  • Breaking Strength: 55.7N/mm2
  • MOH: 8
  • Suggested Grout Joint: See TCNA article ANSI A108.02 Section 4.3.8
  • Type: Decorative, Porcelain, wood looks


ResidentialLT CommercialCommercialWallPaver
Commerical Floor
Pool Tile

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